Saturday, November 21, 2009

Holiness and the Feminine Spirit-The Art of Janet McKenzie

Holiness and the Feminine Spirit - The Art of Janet McKenzie was just published and released by Orbis Books, Maryknoll, NY. It features 28 paintings with reflections written by 28 writers and theologians, all women, and they are an incredible group, the caliber is so high. I am humbled each agreed to join forces with my art. For an artist the reproduction of one's art is is just crucial to have this work, which means so much, reproduced correctly, and the publisher stepped up and did it right. Letting go of our group fear that the boat from Milan would sink, taking down all 6000 copies (this actually happened once), it arrived in NJ safely last week. Over the years many people have contacted me asking if a book on my art existed, and one did not, until now. Since receiving an advance copy I find myself reading it like anyone else. The reflections are so interesting, yes it is about my art but each writer was given total freedom and they head in whatever direction their hearts take them. Their words are strong and tough, loving and tender and the connection comes back to holiness, the inherent holiness found in the feminine spirit. I admit I am not a good blogger, but will try to post info on upcoming book on ordering can be found at

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